EA's distributor before the particular fifa4coin deal

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"You see, EA is a firm that loves compliance, " says an ex-employee associated with Milestone Interactive, EA's distributor before the particular fifa4coin deal. "Everything must be present and accounted for, all dues must become cleared. The tolerance for non-compliance can be quite low. "

At its peak, he tells us, EA's annual revenue throughout India was around $2. 2 million across just about all boxed, physical games at any time (around 2013). These formats included your PS3, PSP, PC, and Xbox 360. That sounds good, except for the fact that Milestone was playing rapidly and loose on many counts.

For one thing, Milestone was facing cashflow issues due to hefty investments in its activity retail chain, Fifa 16 Points, which did not be worthwhile. This meant that payments to EA and also other companies were often detained, which obviously did not go down well with the author. fifahli20

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