. I suspect that he would have made a fantastic golfer

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Barney is definitely in the wrong profession Tony McDaniel Salute to Service Jersey , You can see that he just rely loves the social attributes of being an engineer. Sa thing with Fred - I'm sure that he's here because he hasn't yet got anything better yet. Arnold definitely is here because his dad owns this pany. I an, it is the "family business", and he feels pelled to follow it. I suspect that he would have made a fantastic golfer. Joan's been here since e left college seventeen years ago, and e'll probably retire here. it doesn't take a genius to figure out why nothing is going right in any departnt of this pany - not when these guys are the key managers. They are all typical examples of problem managers that you monly find in panies these days.. You can really see from very far away that these people, even though it is all unintentional, will only sueed in significantly decreasing production and staff morale. They will also greatly contribute to cost increase - and I'm quite certain that the pany objectives are extly the opposite. They are the stuff of pany nightmares - they make a large pany an unpleasant ple to work, and will almost certainly destroy a small pany. The scary thing is that they don't realise this. Now, you've probably got one or o of your own and I'll tell you how to spot them. The classical example is the guy, who has the general impression that the entire world rests on his oulder, and will e craing down to pieces, if he is not more efficient than he presently is. Barney, Fred, Arnold and Joan have not rehed that galomani stage yet but they are certainly on the way. Barney for example constantly bullies his subordinates; Fred is constantly creating division within his team instead of harmony; Arnold condescends to talk to the individuals in his group but really doesn't give a damn about what they think. He seriously considers himself better than everyone else, and makes sure that everyone else knows this. Joan would "get the job done even if e has to do it by herself." Really tough hardworking people they all are. Most panies are full of managers like these, who do not understand the first things about managent. But seriously folks, managent is not about working hard; it is really about working easy. From my unofficial Managent Cheat Sheet, I can give the following as the identikit of a true manager: * He is the guy who likes not doing anything * He is the guy who has no trouble telling others what to do * He is the guy who is absolutely fascinated by work - likes to sit and watch work for hours * He is the guy who likes sweating the small stuff * He's the guy who always is seen as sothing of a loner * He's the guy who enjoys having people hate his guts just for doing his job Never mind the gender specific description - it might as well apply to a woman also. These may perhaps look like extrts from the resu of a loafer, but the bottom line is that managent is not about working hard, but assisting a team to use their individual strengths more effectively. How do you identify a problem manager without creating the impression of a corporate witch-hunt exercise? Yes, there is really no rule of thumb, and that's why I have been hired - like a cold hearted assassin to do the bloody job. They really won't get much more from of course, than they would by having a senior manager have a heart to heart with a few of the junior staff. I am sure there a lot of those guy who will be really pleased to tell a good story over a pint or o at the pub. But like I said, I am just here to do the dirty job so that none in senior managent get blood on their Saville Row suits. Now if you can't find any of the junior employees who would talk that might just ow the extent of their distrust of senior managent - or their fear of their supervisors. Really heavy scene that one. Do you want to dig deeper ? Look at the overhead costs of the departnt. Overheard increase, which is not linked, to increase in productivity in a departnt ould imdiately tell you that there is a problem. Look also at staff turnover - when one departnt has more people quitting (or retiring) than others; when there have been instances where several individuals from the sa unit have left the pany in a ort period of ti; when one departnt has higher overti costs than the others; when the employees in a particular section have been using up all their vation and more of their sick days than the average - you will almost certainly find a problem manager in charge. Okay,maybe you've now found the culprit, how do you go ahead to apprehend and correct him? I an, none of these guys have like Arnold just suddenly inherited the family business. They are unlikely to have got where they are without being good at sothing. If they weren't good, they would quite certainly have been fired long ago. So, how do you assess the value of the manager in question to the pany and weigh it against how much they are costing the pany. I'll give you so tips. If Barney has for example increased productivity, by fifteen percent over the past year, I'm sure you ain't gonna be sore that the turnover rate in his departnt is higher than average. However, if the books ow that the cost of sale has increased by ten percent during the sa period, because of increased training costs, paynt to recruiters, sickie costs, and increased overti, I wouldn't bla you if you bee concerned. As a fast rule however and as much as possible always attempt to quantify the impt of every manager's performance in moary terms - or in terms directly related to the objectives of the firm. A bigger question however is: now that you have caught the culprit; and he's been found guilty on all counts, what are you gonna do to him? I would personally rend cohing or advanced training. Sotis, all you may need to do is to transfer the guy to a position with less responsibility for people. This is quite important because many problem managers are tually a result of pany policy. Many are running with unrehable goals .

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