My next stable today will be The Brood

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My next stable today will be The Brood Tony Moeaki Jersey , which originally consisted of Gangrel, Edge and Christian. All of them debuted in 1998, starting with Edge, then Gangrel and finally Christian. Christian debuted at a Pay Per View where he distracted Edge and then was announced as his "brother". While the two were feuding, Gangrel and Christian sided together against Edge. After a while, Edge decided to join Gangrel and Christian, and The Brood was formed. There was gimmick was that of a gang of vampire type individuals, who would spit "blood" on their opponents before matches. Christian and Gangrel wore similar clothes, whereas Edge had a long leather coat. In early 1999, the faction was feuding with The Undertaker's stable, The Ministry of Darkness. Eventually, however, the two stables merged under the Ministry of Darkness name. At Undertaker's WrestleMania [censored] in a Cell match vs. Big Boss Man, The Brood lowered Undertaker a noose, which he preceded to hang Big Boss Man with. The members of The Brood were often abused by The Ministry. At one pint, the Brood was required to abuse Christian for revealing the location of Stephanie McMahon (this being associated with another feud), but The Brood refused. They left the stable and began another feud with The Ministry of Darkness. By June, the Brood had begun another feud, this time with Matt and Jeff Hardy (The Hardy Boyz). Around this time, Edge and Christian had begun to have a lot of success in the Tag Team division. Gangrel eventually turned on Edge. Christian was tempted by Gangrel to join him, but he instead sta[censored] with Edge, which left Gangrel no choice but to align himself with none other than The Hardy Boyz. The New Brood, as they were called, found some success, but eventually distanced themselves from Gangrel and called a truce with Edge and Christian. The Hardyz went on to team with Lita as Team Xtreme and went on to have some success. Edge and Christian also went on to have great success, including Edge being a 12 time Tag Team Champion, many of those with Christian.

I'll conclude today by talking about a stable that was comprised of no big name stars and started on ECW (the original ECW, not the new WWE ECW). Of course, I'm talking about the bWo, also known as The Blue World Order (a parody of the famous nWo). In mid 1995, Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie had been parodying WWF and WCW wrestlers. They were recruited to Raven's stable along with an independent wrestler from New Jersey, Nova. They would make references to and make fun of rock bands before Raven's entrance. Once after one of their parodies, Bubba Ray Dudley suggested that only one thing could be better than what they were doing, and that would be to make a parody of one of wrestling's most famous stables; the New World Order. The bWo was officially formed at ECW November to Remember '96. They would go around and just plain out make fun of nWo stars, such as Nova dressing up as Hollywood Hogan, but in all blue. At ECW Barely Legal, Richards suffered what was made out to be a severe neck injury, but the truth was that he was soon leaving for WCW. Even though The Blue Meanie and Nova continued to compete with each other in Tag Team matches for a while, the bWo was dead. However, they reemerged in WWE in 2005. Their reformation came at One Night Stand 2005 (the ECW reunion show). On the 7th of July of the same year, the faction went out after JBL, who had abused the Blue Meanie recently. Problems between the two led to match, in which Richards nailed a chair shot on Layfield and then Batista sealed the victory for the bWo by delivering a spinebuster to JBL. The bWo then called out the Mexicools (Psicosis, Juventud and Super Crazy) and they had a match together at The Great American Bash. On an episode of Velocity, the two factions did battle in a 6 man tag team, in which the Mexicools won after a Super Crazy moonsault. After this match, the bWo began to fade away&[censored] ip;actually, they did fade away. Richards and Nova reverted to their past gimmicks, whereas The Blue Meanie just left, seeing as he was never officially signed by WWE.

Now it is the part of the article where I'll give a short recap and my thoughts on Backlash. First off, Christian defeated Jack Swagger for ECW gold (or silver), and I'm pretty happy about that. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat lost to Chris Jericho,and that disappointed me. I wanted to see a legend go out on a high note. Santina Marella vs. Beth Phoenix&[censored] ip;why? Kane defeats CM Punk, and again, why? Jeff defeats Matt in a Hardy vs. Hardy I Quit match, not surprisingly. Legacy defeated Evolution + Shane, thanks to a Randy Orton punt&[censored] ip;god I hate that. And finally, Edge and Cena in the Last Man Standing Match. Edge defeated Cena, thanks to Big Show chokeslamming Cena into a searchlight, followed by an awesome pyrotechnic display. Overall, I found that this PPV was really predictable. I correctly predicted Christian, Kane, Jeff and Edge. I really hope that Judgment Day is a good PPV, but it is in Chicago, and everything is great in Chicago.

Well everybody, thank you for tuning into The Master's Dojo. Remember to tune in next week, when I talk about something&[censored] ip;anyway, until next time, I am The Master of Puppets, the dojo is close Ch.

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