The first one you need to know is the speed

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As we have acquired Wayne Rooney to play for a long period, and we don't regret to choose him, as he's amazing for fifa 16 playing. I make use of the 451 formation in order to play fifa16 android , Wayne Rooney offers 16 goals, as well as 7 assists within 25 games, that is indeed amazing. The next will tell a person some data regarding Wayne Rooney, that is inclduing, pace, capturing, passing and protecting.

The first one you need to know is the speed, Rooney's pace is really a bit low with regard to his position, and it is inconsistent at occasions. Sometimes he won't be able to outrun defenders, and sometimes he can.

The next the first is the shooting, referring to the shooting, Rooney is extremely good at this, power, fitness, nick, you name this, he will complete it 9/10 times within the box. coins68po

Passing and defending will also be important that you should play as David Rooney. For moving, Rooney is able to setup my wingers very nicely, 81 passing isn't bad for the forward however he's usually the 1 receiving the pass within the box or outdoors, rather than providing it. As protecting, I choose him or her to play the actual striker, so it doesn’t matter for your, but his defense can also be good enough for the play, his protection is 47.

Most importantly, we think Wayne Rooney is a good players to perform fifa 16. fifa16pal will work for you to possess a player who is proficient at shooting, for that you could get more goals and also have more chance to win the overall game, and with the same time frame, you will acquire some rewards such because fifa 16 greatest team coins or even fifa 16 points for you personally. Playing now!

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