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Migraine Jason Kubel Twins Jersey , also known as hemicranias, is a rigorous type of pain that usually ours on single side of the head. Migraine mostly affects the youth beeen the age of 15 to 25 and in so cases it can go up to middle age.

There may be many causes of migraine or hemicranias. It is a disease of inherent nature that can e from paternal side. There are so other reasons for migraine also such as anger, fatigue, anxiety, tried eyes Brian Dozier Twins Jersey , emotionally charged ntal state, food related disorders, indigestion, allergic condition, etc.

Migraine is a noticeable disease Kurt Suzuki Twins Jersey , as there is a severe pain in the head. There are various treatnts of migraine. The following safe and effective ho redies for migraine are beneficial to reduce the pain of migraine. You ould sleep, or wrap the head, or use cold pads, or go to a quiet place to get a relief. Giving a massage to the head is also helpful to quickly reduce the pain. The patient ould avoid foods fried in oil, at Glen Perkins Womens Jersey , tea and coffee and ould not over strain the eyes.

For getting permanent relief from migraine or hemicranias the patient ould use so of the following effective and safe ho redies for migraine:

1. Milk and jalebis - Jalebis with hot milk taken in the morning before sunrise is a good ho redy for migraine.

2. Salt - Mix half teaspoon of salt and half teaspoon of honey and lick it to get relief from pain.

3. Grapes - A cup of grape juice taken before sunrise is helpful get relief from migraine.

4. Clarified Butter - For getting relief from migraine or hemicranias, you ould sll clarified butter or ould massage the head with clarified butter in the morning and evening.

5. Curd - You may take curd with rice or with sugar candy in the morning before sunrise to get relief from the pain.

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