I hope Iím a part of it moving forward

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Every single title that we work on, we have to succeed with because itís not about dusting something off, itís about really Blade And Soul Gold figuring out Can we launch and game and title thatís going to have an impact on the developer? If we fail, that developer could potentially go out of business, so the attention, the time, the resources and the professional understanding about how to take a game to market really comes to play when we work with that development team.GameZone: Where do you see the future of the Blade And Soul game industry, and do you think Reverb will be a part of it?Doug: Well, Iíve been part of the gaming industry now for 15 years. I love this industry, and I hope Iím a part of it moving forward. Iíd love to think that Reverb Communications as an agency and Reverb Publishing as a publishing house is going to be a part of it. We like to think of ourselves as kind of leaders and so now itís a little bit about leading our developers, but also listening to them and finding out whatís important to them.GameZone: Iím gonna give Blade And Soul Item you your soapbox moment: Iím a small developer trying to figure out what to do with my game.

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