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It happens to all of us Elite Seattle Seahawks Jersey , even though we do not want to admit it. The reality is we all get older. So of you may already know what I am talking about, and others may have yet to experience the phenonon of aging. Those of you who are reading this and are no longer “spring chickens” get my drift. Even if you are one of the lucky ones, still young, let fill you in on what happens as the body gets a few miles on it. Probably the biggest thing that we all dislike when we creep into our thirties and forties is the extra poundage (i.e. weight) we tend to put on. (It is also a lot harder to take off when we get older.) Unfortunately, because our tabolism slows down, we are unable to pound down a burger Authentic Seattle Seahawks Jersey , fries, and a couple of cokes without the bathroom scale hitting “tilt” a few days later. In my mind, that probably is the most difficult adjustnt we have to make: an adjustnt in our nutrition intake as we age. The second most noticeable difference as we age, especially for the more tive individual, is it bees a little more difficult to get out of bed. The bk is a little sore, the knees are a little creaky Derrick Coleman Jersey , and, if you workout, the soreness does not go away as quickly. This is a result of a few things that happen to our bodies when we get older. Number one is we lose a percentage of our muscle mass on a yearly basis. After the age of 25 (don’t quote on the specifics, but I believe) about 1% of your muscle mass is lost per year. Makes sense now why we get a little sorer and getting out of bed is more difficult. We simply do not have as much muscle to do the work. I could go on and on with the depressing fts of aging, but let us look at just one more before moving on. As you get older you bee less flexible. It takes you a lot longer to “limber up” for any sporting tivity: golf, tennis Cliff Avril Jersey , or a pick up ga of basketball. Less flexibility predisposes you to experience more difficulty with certain movents: touching your toes, rotating during a golf swing, or even rehing down to pick sothing up off the ground. Why does this our? Our bodies, as a result of wear and tear, bee more “tight” and “wound up” as we get older. So there you have it! So of the great things to look forward to as you get older (kidding of course). So if you’re in your enties and you’re reading this , “enjoy it while it lasts J.R. Sweezy Jersey ,” because the road gets a little more difficult to travel as you get older. But, if you’re beyond your enties, I am sure you can relate to the general results of aging in relation to your golf ga. Quite simply, extra pounds decrease your stamina (and may affect your swing plane). Less muscle equals less distance off the tee, and decreased flexibility tends to make the turn in the golf swing much harder to perform. An unfortunate situation, but the good news is that we can slow down the aging process and limit the effects of aging on your golf ga. Slowing Down the Aging Process for the Golf Swing I have given you a little “carrot of information” that we can slow down the aging process. How do we do it? It is tually quite simple and only requires a little ti out of eh day (15-20 minutes) and a little discipline. Sounds pretty easy when you think of all the benefits you stand to gain. What we are going to do is provide you so answers on how to slow down the aging process. Rember we can’t stop the aging process Michael Bennett Jersey , but we can sure slow it down. The benefits of slowing down the aging process are evident when you see guys in their 50’s winning tour events. It just takes a little ti, so knowledge, and discipline. If you are saying, “I don’t have the ti,” let ask you one question: How would you like to feel 10 years younger right now and hit the ball farther then you did in your enties? I imagine the answer to both of those questions would be a resounding yes! Let us start with the first topic that we described when you get older, the additional pounds. Unfortunately K.J. Wright Jersey , as you age your tabolism slows down. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word tabolism, think of it as your own internal furne. It is the rate at which you burn fuel (food is fuel to the human body). When we are younger we tend have faster tabolisms, and as we get older they slow down. (I know it is a bumr.) Well, let tell you, there are tivities to speed that tabolism bk up. The way to do it is by performing so fitness tivities. If you are tive and participate in so type of structured tivity your body will burn more fuel and elevate its tabolism during this ti. In addition, if these tivities are resistance-training tivities (i.e. weights Jon Ryan Jersey , tubing, light dumbbells, body weight), then over ti you will build so muscle. The great thing about that is the more muscle you have the higher your tabolism will be all the ti (translation: you will burn more fuel all day and night). A secondary benefit of such tivities will be greater stamina on the course. So rather than “spraying your ots” around on the bk nine because you’re tired, you can have pinpoint aury going into the 18th. Moving on to our second point, the loss of muscle mass as you age Brandon Mebane Jersey , this one is a tough one to swallow. Just think, we tually LOSE muscle as we age. Pretty depressing. The good news is it can be limited or stopped. Before I give you the solution, let’s look at how this affects your golf swing. Essentially, in the golf swing you create club head speed. That club head speed is the result of creating rotational power, which we define as torque. To create torque, the muscles of the body have to be flexible Garry Gilliam Jersey , strong, and powerful. Now guess what? If you have less muscle, what do you think is going to happen to your power outputs and club head speed? The answer is they will decrease. No wonder they make senior afts with a lot of flex. This is the golf manufturers’ attempt to deal with this problem. It helps to a point, b.

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