Blade And Soul Crafting are often attenuated into a pair of huge classes

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Crafting. Crafting are often attenuated into a pair of huge bns gold for sale classes, than many smaller ones per every

General List

Gathering -> Mining, fishing, search (for like herbs n stuff), stuff like this to gather raw ingredients.

Crafting -> Weaponsmith, Tailoring(since we do not extremely wear "armor" simply completely different outfits, this will be accustomed craft clothes), Jeweller(for rings necklaces earrings n such), Cooking, Alchemy, Enchanting

In Depth List For Gathering Skills

Mining -> Mining are going to be for gathering ores to be used for Weapons, accessories, and gems. you'll use a pickax on nodes scattered round the world. For weapons, most likely tiers of stronger steel, accessories like rare metals like silver and Blade And Soul Gold, and gems usable for bewitching.

Fishing -> Fishing could be a quiet thanks to sit back and luxuriate in the read with some friends, and still manage to be productive. Stock {different|totally completely different|completely different} rivers and creeks within the space with different fish and let individuals looked for the large catch of the day. Fish are often used for oils, meat in cookery, and World Health Organization is aware of. A boot

Foraging -> I see search as a form of generalized gathering. choose fruits and berrys and herbs from vegetation or carve pelts off bears and wolves and different forest land critters. These will leave any use in Alchemy and cookery blade and soul gold skills..
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