maintain a controlled state whether they are winning or los

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? If you watch the professional athletes they all have routines whether it is pre-game routines, during the game or post game routines. Some will say that they are superstitions but there is a difference. Developing routines allows the athlete to find consistency and can help the athlete to maintain a controlled state whether they are winning or losing.

Routines are important as they are all individual and are designed by the athlete upon knowing what is comfortable and what works for them. Athletes on a team may have to work together as a team and they may have to warm-up as a team but a good coach will also allow each individual to go through their own routines.

For example: Some coaches may use the "psyche up" method of loud music and yelling to get their athletes pumped up or highly energised for the game. However, this doesn't work for every athlete and can in fact have a negative effect on some athletes. Once again, coaches with teams want to unite their team by having them perform the same tasks together Blackhawks CM Punk Jersey , this is fine to a certain extent, but just remember that your team is comprised of varying personalities and individuals and to allow them to have some time to themselves.

This comes down to having good communication with your athletes and knowing about each individual and how they respond to group tasks. The coach with the "my way or the highway" mentality often forces his players to become robotic and fall into the military way of breaking down the individual to become nothing more than a controlled follower. This is required for the military but in sports you want your athletes to be able to make their own decisions as well as react to certain events that will best fit into the game plan or tactics drawn up for them by the coach. Respect their individuality!

Coaching or playing an individual sport is quite different as you are not faced with multiple athletes. It is a lot easier to allow an individual to do what is best for them.

Superstition or routine? If you ever watch Russian tennis champion Maria Sharapova you will notice her routines. The most common one that I noticed was her routine in between games. Following each game and prior to going to sit down at the change of ends she will go through this routine without fail as it helps her to maintain consistency and a feeling of control no matter what. Winning or losing, she follows this routine.

Follow the last point of the game she will walk to the corner of the service box, take a step inside the box before making a right angled turn towards her seat. If the last shot of the rally takes her out of court she will then walk back into the court and go through her routine.

Every tennis player follows some routine prior to serving the tennis ball. It may be bouncing the ball two or three times Blackhawks Bobby Hull Jersey , straightening their hat, rolling the balls around in their hands as Ivan Lendl did, or bouncing the ball on the ground with.

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