the game generally speaking could do together with better

in Help Wanted Tue Mar 15, 2016 4:19 am
by caldwellgold • 63 Posts | 634 Points

More animation please, Konami! It's as simple as that basically. There was definitely a growth in FIFA 16 Points , but nevertheless not enough to meet the masses.Goalkeepers were more reliable involving the sticks, but their animations were restricted to say the the very least. Play a handful of matches and you've seen them. Not only in which, some weren't specifically realistic, with even among the better shot stoppers on earth diving and saving with all the wrong hand.

Keepers aside, the game generally speaking could do together with better, smoother animation. Right now, the transition among animations can (typically) be pinpointed. Regarding PES 2016, which should be ironed out to get a superior, fluid gameplay experience.For one of the most part, PES 2015 sent great visuals, which will come as not surprising given that it took good thing about the fantastic MONK Engine.

That mentioned, it seems just like the PES team are struggling to obtain the best out regarding its lighting method, particularly during night time matches. It was a challenge in PES 2014 at the same time; under floodlights, the sport failed to flaunt the impressive person models and stadiums. After another year with all the FOX Engine, here's hoping Konami have identified how to maximize it for PES 2016.

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