Angle of Jaw Crusher Should Be Paid Attention to During Transmission

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Commonly, the angle of jaw crusher is an important factor to be paid attention to. The discharge gate is also necessary to consider during the transmission process. For the sake of advanced Internet, there will be more types and specifications crushers available. Today, the crusher is becoming increasingly more durable and perfect with the development of our technology. All crushers can be used for diverse occasions.

It is said that jaw crushers crank connecting rod mechanism is the key factor of the crusher performance. The transmission angle is an important parameter. In the common sense, the transmission angle is the intersection angle between jaw crusher connecting rod and the bracket angle. What is the fact is that the transmission efficiency is increasingly higher, while the transmission angle and other characteristics needed to be paid great attention.

In the market, you can find cone crusher and other crushers as well in diverse types and sizes. As long as the crusher discharge gaet is set and the crank turns to a certain position, the angle value will become the definite value for us to know. The value will make great influence on the angle that when the value becomes larger ranging from minimum to maximum, the angle is higher at the same time.

The design of the crushers, including stone crusher and other impact crushers is different from each other. We can select the transmission angle and adjustment method according to the use requirements of the crusher and emphasis on direction. In the common sense, when the crushing has small power and low yield, we would better to choose the larger transmission angle. And for higher power and higher yield ones, small transmission angle will be more suitable.

Not only for jaw crusher transmission, other impact crusher transmission angle should be proper. To keep the machine in highest efficient, you should choose the most qualified one and do the regular maintenance. If you are looking for a high credit supplier, you are supposed to surf the Internet. However, time and energy should be spent to compare and choose. To make it easier and reliable, choose for your products. It is a leading supplier in the field.

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