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Project Management Methodology Yields Twenty Percent More Output in Two Months March 5 Jared Crick Jersey , 2013 | Author: Frank Jones | Posted in Business
The fields of engineering and manufacturing frequently have overwhelming number of projects and customers still demand that they be completed immediately. The teams of professionals who work hard lag far behind and fail to complete the simplest tasks. They lack required inputs, work keeps on starting and stopping; communication barriers cause further delays and project lead times grow exponentially.

The head and first in command at Pinnacle Strategies said that these companies require realistic know how from a team that can raise quality of project management process and really boost the output process because they know how.

Increase in output by twenty percent in two months is seldom promised. If rapid output improvement is required, the tool recommended is Rapid Analysis and Bottleneck Improvement Team, RABIT. FMC Technologies and BP are companies that have used the RABIT technique successfully.

The Global Manager at MPS Core Components, Subsea Systems of FMC Technologies Fredrik Glette remarked that RABIT revamped a stalled production and had it going at the maximum capacity of eight units per month. They had put out the fire and opened the bottleneck after 5 weeks. They changed their focus to a focused process from multitasking after ten weeks. Two and half months were enough to see key results and accomplishment.

RABIT method application.

Woeppel explained, “RABIT is drawn from the company’s own staff. We help recruit appropriate personnel from across our client’s business. Guided by Pinnacle Strategy consultants Donald Stephenson Jersey , the new team starts to apply highly effective new project management skills. Each day manufacturers see practical, concrete improvements in workflow.”

The Global Manager of FMC technologies, Rune Thoresen commented that getting the bottlenecked process running is the first focus. Hastening how product is gotten from vendors and then manufacturing are the second and third respectively. Bringing down the documentation of design necessary for manufacturing from 240 to 110 days was the first huge success. It took six weeks only to accomplish such results. Methodology, structure and KPI, Key Performance Indicators for success in the long run were brought by RABIT.

Making delivery promises puts manufacturers in trouble.

It is also possible that requirements were gathered improperly, promises for delivery were too optimistic or the wrong approach was used during job bidding. There is never an excuse enough to a customer when delivery promises are broken. There is no going back whatsoever.

Problems with delivery pass unnoticeably to the end Russell Okung Jersey , when little time is left and few options are available, in numerous projects. The project falls out of budget range, delivery is delayed or results promised are not met. Poor project management has effects catastrophic to the business. Woeppel emphatically noted that below par project management denies a business its reputation, customers and existence as well. Procurement and construction phases suffer and get delayed because of failure to meet the objectives in the engineering phase of a project.

Cases of poor project management.

There are nightmare stories about the costs of poor project management. Some notable examples of project management gone wild:.

The A400M Airlifter of Airbus Military was started in 2007 and completion was expected in 2009. Now estimates place the finish date as 2014 and the budget above estimate by 5 billion dollars.

The movie Heavens Gate was to be produced in 12 months at a cost of 11.5 million dollars. It took two years and shot 32.5 million dollars above budget. United Artists even had to sell to MGM.

Windows Vista of Technology Microsoft was to be released in August 2001; millions of dollars and six years was what it took to have a system that worked well.

Gran Turismo 2 from Sony Playstation was finally produced 2 years after the announced date of release, it had cost them 80 million dollars.

Bad MultiTasking.

There are two kinds of multitasking: good and bad. Good multitasking is effortlessly keeping two or more ‘balls’ in the air, such as catching up on email correspondence while heading to a meeting. Bad multitasking is dropping work on one task before it is finished in order to start another Jeff Heuerman Jersey , only to stop and begin yet another task or go back to a previous task. The implications for project productivity are profound.

Woeppel also acknowledged that people are not able finish a task without getting swayed to embark on another therefore, time it takes to complete a task increases with each change. Resources become unavailable and tasks that were ready to complete are placed in the back burner. For long estimates, the actual time grows longer during execution.

Many companies are driven into bankruptcy because of applying the ostrich approach to curing project management problems. So does procrastination and stagnation. By purposefully developing managers as well as the processes used, companies then change the foundation of way things are done; aiding real, focused advance in various sections of the organisation.

This is not a theoretical approach; only benefits in real world matter.

RABIT has irrefutable solutions like data that substantiate reduction in lead times by 28 percent and output increase by a factor of 2. Swift changes are necessary; Six Sigma methodology is long and takes years for improvements in productivity to be noted; RABIT has a 0.2 guaranteed increase in output in just 2 months. Improvement in focus, communication Ty Sambrailo Jersey , collaboration and project prioritisation creates a best practice culture. Motivated employees and satisfied custom锘? The Thimble has a .

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