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锘? Here's a bold statement. Whether you know it or not Francesco Acerbi Maglia Italia , Google and its flagship advertising program, Google Adwords, affects your business today and, in all likelihood, will do so even more in the coming years. You can live in Poughkeepsie or Flatbush, Fairbanks or Ft. Lauderdale, a huge American metropolis or tiny town; indeed, anywhere on the globe but it will affect you anyway. This is not an exaggeration, simply a statement of fact.

Just two decades ago, only a few people on earth had ever heard of the World Wide Web. Originally governmentally funded strictly for things like noncommercial research and enhanced networking capabilities for universities and governmental agencies, including NASA, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and the military, the world of communications and information exploded almost instantaneously in 1992 when the United States Congress opened it to commercial activity.

For anybody over 15, their initial exposure to the World Wide Web probably came about with the novel idea of electronic mail, email Alessandro Florenzi Maglia Italia , then the dial up modems of American Online, rise of Netscape, Yahoo, and early search engines.But, in point of fact, for most people it was merely a fun novelty.

Until two bright Stanford students, one born in the U.S.A. and the other an immigrant from Russia, set the internet world on its head. The world knows their work as Google. Like an electronictsunami, it drowned its competitors. More than 70% of all global searches are made on Google. Every continent, nation, and city on the planet in hundreds of languages, including Klingon for Star Trekkers.

"All very interesting", you might say, "but I thought this was supposed to be about how Google advertising affects me".

To which I say: "Two words: Google Adwords."

Here's the real deal you need to know. Even if you aren't marketing your business with Adwords, your competitors are, to your economic disadvantage. Don't take my word for it. Consider: "We're not in the business of keeping the media business alive. . . we're in the business of connecting with consumers." Trevor Edwards, Corporate V.P. Emanuele Giaccherini Maglia Italia , Nike, Inc.

We are all familiar with the traditional business model and its marketing. Television ads for car insurance, fast food, lawyers on demand. Coke, Bud, Geico, MacDonalds commercials are omnipresent. Ever-present ads about medications for heartburn, sore backs, arthritis. Radio jingles, billboards, newspapers, magazines, paper cups at the ball game.

Maybe you ought to ask yourself whether continuing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for so little return on your investment makes sense when there's a better way of getting customers.

Think about the antiquated advertising model, you know, the one we all grew up with: radio, television, signs and posters Manolo Gabbiadini Maglia Italia , newspapers and fliers, magazines, billboards, Yellow Pages, and more.

So expensive, so inefficient spreading your advertisingmarketing message far and wide instead of targeted messages to your real audience.

Such a waste of your valuable marketing budget. Thousands, tens of thousands, sometimes way more, of dollars given to Big Media, making it rich and you, well, not so much.

Can you keep throwing your money down an advertising hole? That sucking sound you hear is your valuable dollars, pounds, euros, dinero in the black abyss of old-style advertising.

Sure, Big Media was once the mightiest economic dinosaur of all but, like its ancient reptilian ancestors Roberto Soriano Maglia Italia , it awaits its cruel fate.

You may be worried about the risks of making dramatic changes in your approach to marketing but it is better to concentrate instead on the risks inherent in failing to make the changes necessary to compete for the new breed of buyer. We all know that many otherwise-smart companies remain mired in prehistoric marketing methodologies. If you're still not convincedt, think once again about the fate of the dinosaurs, your competitors, and Big Media.

Dinosaurs from long ago, competitors of today, Big Media. Carnivores all.

How can you possibly compete in the face of all that? Simple: level the advertising playing field with the revolutionary Google pay per click model, still in its infancy, but already so powerful that it already reaches 85% of the world's markets. 85%! Hundreds of countries, every imaginable language, every imaginable market. All not only affordable (you pay only for clicks on your ads), but once you understand the techniques for writing Adwords ads, you can set your marketing campaigns around your budget, compete with the Big Boys of commerce on your terms, and dramatically increase your customers through targeted ads.

There is no exaggeration here. Just a decade old, Adwords advertising is the marketing meteor that, having flamed to earth, is killing off the Big Media dinosaurs. It's almost everywhere. You see it every time you Stefano Okaka Maglia Italia , and hundreds of millions of others, search Google. It's probably on your cell phone and certainly on your gmail. It's on every YouTube video, not to mention over 1,000,000 (!) commercial websites. Imagine your Adwords ad in the New York Times, Fox, or Sportsillustrated!

And, now on Google TV which some are predicting will be more than a hundred billion dollar market.

Plain fact is that, whether you're a professional like a doctor or lawyer, own a brick and mortar or virtual store, a contractor or plumber or other service provider, student, housewife or househusband who wants to work at home to make a bit more money, Adwords already affects you. If you're not in the online marketing game, know this: your competitors are.

Your choice is stark. Be in the business of keeping Big Me锘? Stress has been attributed to one of the grea.

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