Wood floor soaked in water, there are only damp cure

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Summer rainy, frequent floods, a lot of floor damp, soaked in water. Many consumers do not have the expertise, will be at a loss what to do, wood flooring (including laminate flooring) material is wood,Theme Parks cheap garden decking wood is a very important natural attributes: wet expansion shrinkage, damp will appear up, deformation, Surface wave pattern, from the package, air bubbles, peeling, floor preparation, layering, degumming and other undesirable phenomena.
In the appropriate environment, the deformation, blistering and other symptoms will ease. Moisture-proof measures: rain off the window, check the water pipes, the ground can not install the construction of wet, cement, ground, geothermal ground, need to add a good moisture-proof film, keel or wool floor installation method,Balcony decorative composite decking should avoid the keel and hair wet , Animal urine, accidental sprinkler, timely removal, covering the carpet on the floor above, should not be too large (less than 1 square meter), the cover needs to have air permeability. Damp floor treatment: has been seriously damp or soaked 30 minutes above the floor.
There will be deformation, drum up, blistering, loss of gloss and other phenomena. For the mild soaked in water and moisture of the floor (observe whether there is no significant deformation) can be dry, ventilation, if necessary, open the floor, if necessary, remove the floor, the floor should be replaced, and remove the floor, High performance outdoor decking Observe the ground with or without water, and some need to remove and dry, re-install. Mild damp floor, you can put in a cool, ventilated place to dry. Note that can not be hair dryer, sun exposure, drying, which will accelerate the serious deformation of the floor, damage the surface. Damp floor deformation, drum up, blistering and so on. In the environment is good, the extent of defects will be reduced, strengthen the floor not to oil care, waxing, etc., solid wood flooring is best not to wax (except solid wood), essential oil care, to recover after the floor (general 1 - 2 months after the oil care).
The floor is very sensitive to the humidity of the air, too humid air, the floor is easy to mold deformation. In hot weather, the floor surface of the water vapor often need to dry with a dry cloth, but also regularly open the air conditioning dehumidification function dehumidification. At the same time,new material outdoor fence also to maintain proper ventilation. In the daily maintenance of the floor, cleaning is a necessary item. General stains can be handled with a soft, dry cloth, clean water must be encountered stains, it is recommended to use the wet wring dry Buzhi Yu dripping clean cloth. After the floor wipe the best window ventilation.

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