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At present, the market on the laminate composite decking and railings price flooring brand a lot, the price from 100 yuan to 200 yuan range, there are some differences in quality. When you buy, you can according to their own preferences and economic strength and use, and many other considerations, with particular attention to the following points:
    Pick wear value: wear-resistant value is the number of revolutions that the floor wear-resistant degree, the higher the number of revolutions, the greater the degree of wear the floor of the theory. Wear resistance is divided into initial value, the average and the termination of the three, in the comparison of the floor of the wear-resistant speed when you have to find out the manufacturer to provide the value of which is the number of wear-resistant, to do a unified comparison. In addition, the general choice of room decoration 7000-8000 turn the floor is sufficient. Straight to pick the mouth: to strengthen the wood composite wall panel suppliers singapore floor Io straight whether the integrity will be directly related to the quality and appearance of the installation of wood flooring, you have to pay special attention to the selection. Pick color and grain: When choosing the color wood grain, must consider the room size, the furniture color, the style and the individual hobby. In general, the room can choose the color of a little deep, wood complex point of the floor. Small selection of the color of the room light, elegant wood better. Pick the floor finish: strengthen the floor from the surface finish can be divided into groove type, Ma surface type, smooth type. This is due to the use of different types of steel in the production process reasons. This does not matter which kind of good, depends entirely on personal hobbies.
    Strengthen the floor of the construction of the main attention to two aspects: First, the grass-roots treatment should be smooth, dry, laying the above ground swimming pools clearance install size floor around the corners should be left with 1 cm gap, to avoid the expansion of the floor when heated drums, deformation.

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