Charm of 100% sexy makeup

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You are not full of the streets of the Mengmei paper small fresh line makeup tired of it? Might as well in this spring began to try the delicate line of sexy makeup, with their own makeup to shine.

STEP 1: with eye shadow sticks with pearl light light brown eye shadow in the middle of the eyelids, and then eye shadow with eye shadow stick to the eyes on both sides of the spread, so that eye shadow and the end of makeup blending fusion.

STEP 2: create a sense of the level of the eye, with eye shadow stick dip brown eye shadow in the light brown eye shadow of the half of the eye shadow of the end of the color of about 3mm length.

STEP 3: Draw an elongated eyeliner. Because the theme is light cooked Department of sexy makeup, eyeliner end up 1cm or so, the eyes will become more charm, as well as enlarge the effect of the eyes.

STEP 4: Eyeliner is best to use to draw a thin line of eyeliner pen, inside the corner of the eye should also be painted on the eyeliner, so eyeliner eyes from the eyes will be closer, the eyes become more charming.talika eyelash serum has a transparent gelatinous which brings a perfect eyelash growing effect,and it is easy to use.The length of eyelash can be increased by 2.5mm after using Talika for one month ,Not just making your eyelash looks like longer,talika lipocils sephora actually let your eyelash grows.And mild stimulation, can help your eyelash sustained growth, as long as you use it.

STEP 5: eye makeup and eye makeup to get a balance, otherwise the eyes will look like a swollen feeling. With light eye sticks light brown eye shadow from the outside corner of the eye to draw a line.

STEP 6: in the use of eyelash curler to eyelash curler to the appropriate curvature on the basis of, coated with mascara, fixed long curled eyelashes, eyelashes should also be careful to apply to the eyelashes Oh.

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