This eye makeup so that women are full of temptation

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When the eye makeup, you want to draw the eyes more lovely more charming, it is better to draw a "spoiled" eye makeup it! Make-up techniques to highlight the characteristics of the eyes, so that the eyes become big and God, natural eyes There will be "spoiled" effect.

STEP 1: eye shadow selection Muus texture eye shadow, with your fingers dip eye shadow cream painted in the eyes of one-half. On this basis, along the eyelashes to draw a thin eyeliner, eyeliner tail extension up 1cm.When you use ilash uk your friends will envy your eyelashes,Nothing is sexier than gorgeous, dramatic eyes. Now your own, conditioned real lashes are the ultimate accessory.lilash nz price is a nice choice. You can search it on google.

STEP 2: extends from the middle of the eyeliner to the end of the eyeliner, forming a triangular outline, and filling the gaps in the contour. This painting the eyeliner has a natural big eyes effect.

STEP 3: with eye shadow brush dip brown eye shadow sweep in the outer corner of the eye one-third, both ends need to dizzy open, make makeup more clean and natural. Eyes are as cute as cats.

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