Transit Mixer Maintenance Guidelines

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Transit mixer is widely used in various engineer constructions to produce and transport concrete. In order to improve working efficiency and create the maximum productivity, it is very important to make regular maintenance for the machine. hydraulic excavators Within 50 hours of the first use, the machine should be checked to make sure that all of the bolts are tight and complete. Generally, the bolts should be checked once every month. Sany America

At the start of each day, the machine should be lubricated to keep good lubricating effect. Check the oil level of the cooler and radiator to make sure it meets the requirement. Construction Equipment Keep the hydraulic oil circuit clean and sealed, the dust and water may contaminate the hydraulic oil and cause damage to the transit mixersystem. Check the performance of the radiator fan and the temperature control switch to ensure them work normally. Generally, the radiator fan will open automatically when the oil temperature reaches 65℃. The filter that is used for more than one year should be replaced immediately before it is broken. What counts is that themachineshould be cleaned and lubricated at least once per month.excavator prices

Because of the special nature of the concrete, thetransit mixer and its inner tank should be kept clean, which is very important for the machine to work normally and efficiently. mini excavator The water should be added to three fourths of the tank. Avoid any collisions to the water tank. The valves and filters should be checked and replaced in time to avoid blocking. Portable Concrete Mixer

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