How to make eyelashes longer

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With long and thick eyelashes is a lot of modern female friends longing for hope, long eyelashes will make you look high spirits, beauty you are also eager to have a long curly eyelashes? So how can the eyelashes quickly become longer Change the more moving it? Today to recommend to you a few make your eyelashes longer a few ways!

Fake Eyelashes - Very convenient, but less weary
Eyelashes short and thin woman is more like to use false eyelashes, and you just put the roots of false eyelashes stained with glue, slightly open eyes, starting from the eye head to the end of the eye pressure, the false eyelashes stick up to show in front of everyone Is a pair of demon and moving eyes. But many women will encounter a problem, is how to remove false eyelashes. If the method is improper, not only will the healthy eyelashes pulled together, repeated off also let the eyelids relaxed, this relaxation will not soon appear, but the consequences of long-term is unimaginable. And paste false eyelashes is easy to stick to the eyelid hair follicles above, this will affect the pores perspiration, induced eyelashes, keratitis and other eye diseases. So if there is no special circumstances, false eyelashes or less wear for the wonderful,lumigan official site eye drops are used to lower raised pressure in the eye and to treat glaucoma.Glaucoma is a kind of disease, the treatment in a timely manner, some women in order to beautiful,buy bimatoprost for eyelashes, before you buy, please consult your doctor.

Eyelashes nourish - very healthy, but need patience
Each eyelash has its own survival cycle, that is, 6 months growth period, followed by the rest period and eyelashes from the hair root separation, in order to facilitate the formation of new hair follicles in the hair follicles. Daily cleaning or friction has a few eyelashes off. So with a special eyelash growth fluid to nourish the eyelashes, the purpose is to nourish the roots of eyelashes to eyelashes healthy growth. But do eyelashes nourish, nursing work requires long-term adherence, the effect is not the other several ways to make eyelashes longer, not suitable for long no friends.

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