round eyes is sometimes to make them look more almond shaped

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The need with round eyes is sometimes to make them look more almond shaped. “If you are trying to elongate your eyes, use your eyeshadow or liner in a more feline shape,” says Wood. “Also shade the waterline with your eyeliner, but soften the shape to make it look more oval — take the color to the corner edge and pull your eyeliner out a bit.”With active ingredient,lilash stockists nz can stimulate and nourish hair follicles to regrow lashes.If you want naturally longer, fuller and thicker lashes, you can give a chance to eyelash growth serum,buy ilash eyelash online has become a good and fashion choice for most of people.

Give the illusion of bigger eyes by not lining your entire lid. “Line your eyes on the outer edges, and don’t make the liner go all the way into the corner of your eye,” says Wood. “Start really thinly from the middle of the pupil and go rounder on the outer edge. Keep the focus and a stronger amount of deeper color on the outside.”

If your eyes tend to go downwards at the corners, employ this trick. “Lift your shadow or liner up before the edge of the your outer corner up to your eyebrow, so if you are doing a winged out look, the flick will start before the edge of the eye and lift off the lid,” says Wood. “Nobody looks at your face that close, so just stand an arms distance from your mirror to check both sides are even.”

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