Lilash Reviews for All Women

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by david • 658 Posts | 6580 Points

I have been using this serum everyday for the past 12 weeks. For best results, you apply a layer of the serum to the skin just above your lashes. I do this every night before I would go to bed because I don't have any makeup on, although you can apply this before you apply your makeup.

I canít even describe how much I love using LiLash. Before I would never go out with just mascara on, I would always wear eyeliner because I felt my lashes were too short, however now I hardly wear eye liner because Iím so happy with how much my lashes have grown. As you can see, before my lashes were so short and stumpy, even my bottom ones were longer than them. Now my top ones are so long and I really love them!
The only thing was that the first few weeks of applying it I noticed it would sting a little bit, but as soon as my eyes were used to it, it was completely fine; Because of this, I was a little worried that if I got any in my eye it would really sting, but it actually didnít sting one bit, it was completely fine!I would 100% recommend LiLash to you all because I found it absolutely amazing and I am so so happy with the results!lilash eyelash are all womenís friend,help women got long and thick and strong and curl eyelashes,long lashes bring lucky to you,such as good job and true love !If you have short and thin eyelashes, you can use lilash product and buy lilash online.It is A really good product.

I really loved using this serum mainly due to the fact that it was easy to put on and perfect for my sensitive eyes. Personally, iíve tried eyelash extensions before and if I had the time and money iíd probably be getting falses all the time, but I donít so this product was perfect for my budget and gave me natural results.

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