How to deal with a heavily blocked sewer

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If not yet resolved, the first pool of half pots of water, and then a group of wipes into a ball, his hands in the water will be wiping the sink in the sink, like artificial respiration up and down, the general small problem can get, of course You can use the skin to solve.
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1, the use of hand pipe dredge device. If it is blocked more solid, then we can use the hand pipe dredge to clear. Use the method is to first counterclockwise twist the screw, and then pull the spring into the water pipe, has been top to the obstacles, and then pull out about 10 cm spring, tighten the screw, optional handle, and apply Pressure, when fully in, after the release of the screw, and then pull out 10 cm spring ... ... so, repeated movement until the feeling of turning the handle is very easy.

2, request professional maintenance. If the above methods are not effective, indicating that the drainage pipe caused by clogging in the depths of the pipeline, this time should be promptly reported to the repair workers, so as not to cause a long time to block the pool of water, in fact, find the best professional master. If the sewer is blocked by the larger debris, but also to find a professional company to clear, so as not to damage their own water pipes.If you’re looking to keep your drain clear and odor-free all year long,buy sani sticks store “super concentrated” drain cleaning and sani sticks are claimed stop greasy buildup that can clog drains, and even dissolves food, hair, organic deposits, and other common clogging agents.

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