How to clear the sewer inside all hair

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I live upstairs dozens of girls, are long hair. Bath a group of wet hair often blocked the sewer, more than 4 years at least 20 times through. "January 6 morning, who lives in the North Central Village, Parker uncle call this newspaper, told reporters a lot of grievances. Bo uncle said that the sewer in December last year, blocked a month 5 times, the last time to block is in the January 3 , "The ceiling was soaked, the floor perennial wet, this day Shashi Hou is a head." "

About four years more than 20 times, and plumber have become acquaintances, yesterday morning, the reporter came to Mr. Parker home, he was 74 years old, live 201 rooms. One to see the reporter, the old man spit out the grievances, "more than four years, my family sewer blocked more than 20 times, last December blocked 5 times, the last time is January 3. Because the number of too much I and plumber have become acquaintances, before dredging a charge of 80 yuan, and now people only received 50 yuan.

Into the room, the reporter felt the soles of the feet sticky, Mr. Parker said the toilet to drain the water out of the living room often suffer, "home floor, often wet, relatives and friends are accustomed to." Reporters saw, Toilet near the ceiling, the walls of the paint are a large area off, toilet floor tiles with five bricks, used to pad feet.There are many people buy sani sticks on internet,but how to choose really product .The real product --When they take the <a href="]sani sticks[/url] out of the tube to put them in the drain, they act like they're handling plutonium or something.It is really work for stain.Can be used in many aspects.

"Block the place different, blocking in the 2nd floor, the floor soaked; block in the 3rd floor, 3rd floor, people floor soaked, my house's ceiling and the wall on the damp." Mr. Bai Lao's grandmother's grandmother smile.

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