Eight Steps Make You Have A Fresh Look

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by david • 658 Posts | 6580 Points

STEP1: thick black eyebrows is a female man's exclusive, you want to be more gentle in the eyebrows after the use of brown hair dye eyebrow bleaching eyebrows.

STEP2: metallic color halo orbital, and then in the eye with silver to brighten.

STEP3: Want to be more sweet can not be separated from the pink, with pink eye shadow smudges in the open eyes can see the area (wider than the scope of double eyelids).

SETP4: dark brown eye shadow in the eye area of ??the C-zone blooming, while the lower half of the lower eyelid also use brown eye shadow to deepen the outline.lilash eyelash is the world’s most famous and popular Eyelash Serum.Join the millions of other women experiencing longer lashes to enhance their features with their Natural Lashes.With full-natural ingredients,buy lilash online enhancer works effectively to lengthen eyelash without side effect, just feel free to buy lilash online from official store to enjoy authentic eyelash serum with best price, this product should be your essential product to enhance your beauty look.

STEP5: black eyeliner strokes can be a natural eyeliner, do not need to be elongated bold.

STEP8: peach pink lipstick from the inside out of the lip blooming, so delicate as the lips like flowers.

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