Eyelashes are caused by inflammation

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Allergic reaction eyelashes to use adhesive glue, a lot of people's skin on the glue will have an allergic reaction, red dot, erythema, tears more than the problem, which is in the kind of eyelashes must be clear before the common sense. Therefore, before the kind of eyelashes, you must first do skin test, to determine the allergies can continue. 2 long inverted eyelashes Many people in the eyelashes, then the effect is very good, but with the passage of time, long eyelashes long with long eyes went to the bar, grow into the inverted eyelashes, inverted eyelashes will make the eyes very uncomfortable , Always feel Zaza, at every turn will be tears, the development of the late, may also cause inflammation of the other parts of the eye.

A lot of beauty salons with poor quality glue, eyelashes to do, some crush at that time feel beautiful, but before long will find their own real eyelashes and false eyelashes fall off, eyes above the bare, a lashes There is no, and this is the use of non-formal fruit water eyelashes consequences.Generic Bimatoprost is a 0.03% solution which is the chief active component of these eye drops. It is used to improve the eyelash growth.It is FDA approved and is easily applied with free and sterile applicator brushes available along with is a wonder drug which not only cures the problem of thin eyelashes, but helps look people more beautiful and young.

Eyelashes improper operation, the false eyelashes paste into the hair follicles of the real eyelashes, will cause glue into the hair follicle, plug the hair follicle hole, leading to hair follicle inflammation, severe pus will become into the trachoma and red eye disease.

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