Simply Straight Professional Straightening Styling Brush

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by david • 658 Posts | 6580 Points

What's the quickest way to get perfectly styled hair every morning? With the help of this innovative straightening brush of course. It combines the power of a flat iron with the gentle styling of a brush, making straightening your hair as easy as brushing it. Bye bye lengthy beauty routine; hello smooth, silky strands! What You Get Straightening brush!Want to curl into a straight hair?Very simple you only need simply straight Just insert simply straight hair straightenerpolarized plug, press the +/- buttons to select your desired

temperature (between 360° and 450°, in 10° to 20° increments) on the built-in LCD display, and it will heat up in about two minutes.

What a Time-Saver this is and it does as it's suppose to...It straightened my head full of thick hair by just coming it through...So Awesome!

My hair is a little course. Average thickness and this straighter quickly straightens my hair. Love it. Easy to use. I bought my daughter one also. Her hair is very course and very thick and it works on her hair beautifully. Very pleased with this brush.

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