metal tube laser cutting machine 150w

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... 40w,60w,80w,100w,130w,150w laser tube power supply, Power Supply for CO2 Laser ... Co2 laser cutting machine uses a laser beam focus lens to focus on material surface ... metal portable fiber laser cutting machine price
fiber laser cutting machine processing three differences:(Power above 150W, it is able to cut thin sheet metal) ... 500w CO2 RF metal laser tube has good quality laser beam, stable power and long service life and low...Oct 27, 2014 ... Widely used co2 laser marking machine for non-metal engraving · Bcam Co2 laser cutting ... High precision and working effective laser cutting machine laser-150W for metal and nonmetal ... #Air Exhaust Fan with Tube ductsRose Graphix Metal Non-metal Mixed CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver ... up to 2.5 mm thick for the 260W model and up to 1.2 mm thick for the 150W model. ... or CW-6000 industrial water chiller is included for 10,000 hrs of laser tube life time.150W Reci Laser Tube CNC Laser Cutting Machine For Stainless Steel (SY1325SL) on sale,USD 15500-16800/Set Min.Order:1 Sets | offered by professional...Product Description. The CFL-MC25125 model can cut dne fiber laser cutting machine price for nameplate
different gauges of different metals as ... working area, giving enough space for larger pieces of materials and capable of handle full sheets (8'x4') and one 150W American laser tube.The CNC laser machine with 150W CO2 laser has an additional water cooling. The cooling ... We also train processing of different materials, such as cutting, engraving, marking . ... Our laser machines are warranted for 1 year and glass CO2 laser tubes 10 months. ... Cutting thickness 0.2-3mm stainless steel/0.2-4mm steelIt can be divided into, mo metal mirror, silicon dielectric and film reflector. ... 150W RECI Co2 Laser Tube Power SupplyHY-DY20 RECI Co2 laser power source...Features. 1.Economical with cost-effective metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine. 2. ... Laser Power, 150w mixed cutting laser head mixed-cutting laser tube.Compact, sealed CO 2 lasers offering power range from 150W to 400W at high stability best price 1390 laser cutting machine
9.4 µm and 10.6 ... Coherent Inc. Thin Film Thermoplastic Cutting with a 150 W CO2 Laser ... …metal service centers, and in the automotive and appliance industries. The second type of laser machine tools are smaller systems that employ sealed,...

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