Gray eye shadow elegant and the atmosphere

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In addition to eyeliner, we can also use eye shadow to make your eyes larger, rich layer of gray eye shadow, with a shallow brown eyebrow powder, this big eye makeup naturally more elegant.
Gray eye shadow + brown eyebrow powder natural elegance

Gray eye shadow elegant and the atmosphere, but the gray eye shadow how to make the eyes larger and more attractive, this issue Xiaobian to introduce you to the gray big eye makeup painting, so you easily learn elegant gray big eye makeup.

STEP 1: brush with eyebrow brush back eyebrows, and then sweep a layer of light brown eyebrow powder.

STEP 2: Draw a thin eyeliner along the roots of the eyelashes with a black eyeliner.wonderful world of makeup, there are endless options.Any color of eyeshadow or lipstick you could possibly want probably exists, and in just about every finish.the balm makeup help you have a perfect to all over the world.Help more women to build confidence and beautiful.

STEP 3: Swipe the light gray eye shadow in the area of the eyelids half as shown.

STEP 4: the dark gray eye shadow close to the roots of eyelashes sweep in the fold fold area.

STEP 5: a little fine eye shadow brush, the fourth step with the dark gray eye shadow close to the roots of the eyelashes sweep on the next layer, pay attention to the deeper the eye color to the deeper.

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