Before the graft can be considered false eyelashes

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1. As long as the eye is not very sensitive to the skin or easy to inflamed eyes, you can consider grafting eyelashes.

2. Graft price varies according to the selected false eyelash material, the number of roots and so on. In terms of material, it is recommended to choose a relatively soft, slim, so that the damage to their own eyelashes small, and grafted to stay longer. You can ask the technician to come up with several false eyelashes she introduced, look at their own, touch the softness, and then make a decision.

3. When choosing the number of roots, do not blindly pursue the thick. If a pair of eyelashes grafted on many false eyelashes, the damage to their own eyelashes is great. At present, many stores recommend a single grafting method, but also to minimize the damage to the eyelashes. But if your eyelashes are scarce, you can consider grafting on some eyelashes. After all, choose to graft, is to complete the beautiful, if more sparse, the effect will certainly not make you satisfied. These details, we must first discuss with the technician, according to the actual situation of eyelashes choose.As some dealers and agents,and want to wholesale more and more bimatoprost product, looking for many suppliers and factories, all want to buy real and?buy bimatoprost eyelash?products, Careprost lash?(Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution) is an eye care medication used to treat patients with hypotrichosis of eye lashes or inadequate eye lashes.

4. In addition to the material and the number of roots, but also need to choose the shape (eye-tail lengthened, lengthened and natural type), curl and length (1cm, 1.1cm ...), etc., these are different. According to the characteristics of their own eyes and want to show the effect of choice. Generally speaking, if the eyes are not long enough people, you can choose the eye end lengthened, not only can adjust the eye type, but also enhance the charming feeling. If the double eyelid relatively narrow person or eyebrows from the relatively narrow people, do not recommend too much curling. For professional women, too long false eyelashes will appear unnatural, reduce your professionalism in the workplace. Therefore, in the choice of time, according to their own situation to judge rationally, rather than blindly pursue long, dense and Alice.

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