Liantuo Expanded PTFE material is pure inert

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The unique performance of Liantuo PTFE Sheet makes it widely used in industrial, marine, textile, paper, medical, electronic and mechanical industries and marine operations. As the rubber, glass, metal alloys and other materials in the corrosion-resistant defects, it is difficult to meet the harsh conditions of temperature, pressure and chemical medium coexistence of the environment, the resulting loss is quite amazing. The PTFE material with its excellent corrosion resistance, has become the oil, chemicals, textiles and other industries the main corrosion-resistant materials. The specific applications include: conveying corrosive gas transmission pipe, exhaust pipe, steam pipe, rolling mill high pressure tubing, aircraft hydraulic system and cold pressure system of high and low pressure pipes, distillation tower, heat exchanger, kettle, tower, tank Of the lining, valves and other chemical equipment.

Seal of the performance of the entire machine equipment efficiency and performance have a great impact. PTFE material with corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low coefficient of friction and non-sticky, wide temperature range, good elasticity characteristics make it very suitable for use in the manufacture of high corrosion resistance requirements, the use of temperature higher than 100 ℃ seal. Such as machine, heat exchanger, high pressure vessel, large diameter container, valve, pump groove seal, glass reaction pot, flat flange, large diameter flange seal, shaft, piston rod, worm gear, rod seals and so on.

Expanded PTFE material is pure inert, has a very strong biocompatibility, will not cause the body's rejection, no physical side effects on the human body, can be any method of disinfection, and has a multi-porous structure, which can be used for a variety of rehabilitation solutions , Including artificial blood vessels and patches for soft tissue regeneration, and surgical staples for blood vessels, heart, general surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

With the continuous development of material application technology, PTFE material three major shortcomings: cold flow, difficult to weld, difficult melt processing is gradually being overcome, so that it in the optical, electronics, medicine, petrochemical oil seepage and so on a wide range of areas of application prospects more broad. Expanded PTFE Gasket:

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RE: Liantuo Expanded PTFE material is pure inert

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RE: Liantuo Expanded PTFE material is pure inert

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RE: Liantuo Expanded PTFE material is pure inert

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RE: Liantuo Expanded PTFE material is pure inert

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