How to have a beautiful makeup

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Makeup is really fine, beautiful, high-profile Meifeng full queen style, with the rise of the little smoky eyeliner adds a little feminine charm, a touch of nude lip to make the whole look more temperament .talika lipocil eyebrow was born in 1948, specialising in eyelash and eyebrow appearance and growth.Throughout the years, millions of women, including famous movie stars and top models, have sought out the benefits of Talika products.By the way, LiLash Official sale eyelash growth serum.

1, take eye shadow smear in the eye head and eye dashed line, and the natural transition, eye tail up. End of eye and eye shadow on the natural transition.

2, along the eyelashes root paste false eyelashes, false eyelashes and the best choice for their eyes almost wide, too wide or too narrow after the paste will cause eye discomfort. Brush up and down eyelashes, eyelashes must put their own eyelashes and false eyelashes brush together Oh, so from the side will not appear double eyelashes, eye makeup partially completed.

3, and then apply evenly on the lips lipstick, lip balm can also be dipped in lip brush, and then smear in the lips.

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