Four steps change all kinds of skin problems

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In imperceptible in, spring has already passed for a long time, the spring has come, but the weather is a little cold, morning and night temperature difference is big, you have begun to dry peeling little face?Maintenance work to start the oh, how to deal with all kinds of skin problems of spring, we go to school today.

1, the sun,Because the ultraviolet irradiation, skin cell damage, damage to the skin irritation, blood capillary dilate, generated melanin.Protect skin, prevent bask in.Give skin complement moisture, oil content, promote the metabolism of skin to make skin fresh and moist.

2, blain blain,Endocrine disorders, excessive sebum secretion, cutin thick, increase bacteria breeding, blocking pores.Thoroughly clean the skin, keep skin clean.Regulate sebum secretion, clean force, good antiseptic effect cleansers, adjust the massage frost and water shrinkage of sebum secretion, special cosmetics for acne.Pay attention to the balance of diet and exercise, eat less sugar, oil content, fat content is too much food, don't squeeze by hand.How to use jeunesse instantly ageless wrinkle cream? Lightly dab cream across the entire forehead, not just the areas with lines.Lightly dab cream on the entire under-eye area, from lower eyelashes to upper cheek, and inner to outer corners.Apply just below your natural eyebrow; do not apply on the movable eyelid.lifecell south beach skincare can keep skin young state.

3, cutin,Chamfer will first clean face product, with a large number of bubbles in the T zone, deep clean, after a certain time lag will bubble U word quickly clean area.Warm water wash more than ten times.Or to exfoliate regularly cleared accumulation of waste every day.After facial cleaning, use the chamfer simple product daub on the T zone.

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