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Tips1: a minute pat the face, the first morning with a damp towel in the face circular friction to remove dead skin, and then pat the cheek, just a minute, you can make your skin look more pass Through, makeup will be more Tiefu, edema will be eased.Careprost eyelash Serum If you want an easy andeffective way instead of above methods, highly recommend you to take a try of eyelashes, such as buy careprost usa, being an alternative version of fda approved latisse, it is cheap and effective, just brush it along your eyelash every night,4-8 weeks later, you will get naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashes soon.

Tips2: one-minute smear mattress BB cream, choose sunscreen, isolation, concealer, skin color and other effects in one of the air-cushion BB cream, one can finish almost all looking finish, it is time to save a good helper, Carry, at any time makeup.

Tips3: one-minute key parts of Concealer, in order to cover tired, just dipped in some cotton concealer, applied to the inside and outside the eyes, cheekbones and acne spots, you can have significant brightening and concealer effect, it is high spirits .

Tips4: one minute painting eyebrows, we must outline the contours of the eyebrows, so that even the plain face, it will look spirits. Choose a lighter eyebrow than your eyebrow or cream cream eyebrow cream, from the highest point of your eyebrow to Mei Wei painting, the "blank" at the fill.

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