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Developing Countries And Problems With Public Education Developing Countries And Problems With Public Education December 31 asics gel lyte 3 homme bleu marine , 2013 | Author: Cornelia White | Posted in Education
In a lot of developing countries, that there is a big issue with regard to quality education simply because the quality of public schools is definitely not going to suffice in making children be able to learn properly. Everyone knows that in a lot of countries, the poverty rate is extremely high especially for developing countries. Even if there are a lot of these kinds of schools, problems with public education would still persist.

Developing countries would have it harder because the governments in these countries simply do not have the funds to be able to support these schools in this type of sector. It is because of the lack of funds that they would actually compromise quality in order to fit a very huge quantity. Because they would want to have a better economy, they would try to put as many children in these schools as possible.

Most governments believe that If a child can go to school, learn asics gel lyte 3 femme bleu ciel , and get good grades, that is already enough. He can at least graduate from high school, get himself a job, and be able to support himself. They believe that by doing this, these children will be able to contribute to the economy.

Yes this is a very good goal to aim for and it would probably work in theory. However, even if a large quantity of students would go to school asics gel lyte 3 bleu pas cher , the big question would be how many students would actually learn from the classes that they would attend. In order to have a good learning experience, the right teachers would be needed for this kind of job.

It is a known fact that public school have a teacher student ratio that is off the roof where the students are so much more than the teachers. Of course teachers would be overwhelmed by this kind of number simply because there are too many to handle. No matter what the teacher would do, he will definitely have a hard time trying to teach such a big number.

Other than the lack of quantity of teachers, the quality of teachers is also compromised. Since the good teachers would rather work in private schools because it is easier, the low quality teachers will most likely go to the public sector. Because of this, the students will also have a hard time learning because a lot of these teachers will not be able to impart the necessary knowledge properly.

Not only would the teachers be the problem but also the quality of materials given to students. Since most governments are not able to properly fund these schools acheter asics running , they will not be able to give students the proper equipment and materials. This is also one of the factors that would affect learning.

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