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When we are anxious to paste false eyelashes, should tell their own good things worth waiting for. Waiting for ten seconds to glue the glue will make the final effect is quite different. If you just coated with glue on the urgent paste false eyelashes, false eyelashes will run around, can not be fixed in the place you want to stay.

Look down, most of us will let the nose in front of the mirror, that the closer the mirror from the more clearly see it? In fact, this is not right! Put the mirror below the face is the right choice, this is to see the eyelashes The best view.If you want to cure glaucoma,buy careprost online is best to disclose to your doctor about any medicines that you are currently using or taking so that he can check for possible drug interaction. careprost for eyelash is easy to use, just apply this serum along the skin at the base of the upper eyelashes gently.

From the eye began to stick, find the location of the eye, the false eyelash at the end of the eye position; re-stick the middle part of the stay in this stage will make the glue to play a role; Finally, part of the end of the eye finishing.

Cover the gap, true eyelashes and false eyelashes often appear in the middle of the gap is a lot of people's distress. Do not tear off the re-paste, eye shadow will be able to solve this problem. You just use black matt eye shadow to fill the gap can be, will not leave any traces can also make glue dry faster.

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