Electric eyelashes, gripping eyelashes and mascara

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3W, is the news 3 elements who, when, where, for how to properly use the various colors of mascara is also very suitable. The most commonly used black mascara for daytime use, play the basic bright eyes, increase the visual effect of the eye; blue mascara in the light will produce dark reflective effect, the most suitable for party use in the evening party; brown mascara Suitable for color and hair color lighter people, will not have a heavy feeling; golden mascara, to participate in Party when used to light the whole makeup is the best choice, in order to avoid too exaggerated, you can pick a few eyelashes instead of all painted Into the golden color. Others such as red, purple and other warm mascara, and the oriental skin color and pupil color contrast is not strong enough, unless in order to match with the clothing and make-up, or do not easily use.

Slender + thick, with the use of two functions, and now have this set of two functions in one of the mascara, but your hands must be more than a mascara, when you want to match the two different mascara Use, so that the eyelashes are thick and slender, you should first use the encryption function of the mascara, because it is the composition of fat and wax more, you can bold eyelash diameter, and so completely dry, then use slender mascara, slender eyelashes Paste fiber composition, the first use of the words easily lead to adhesion.xlash usa make you have fresh and long, sweeping lashes in 4-6 weeks!Physician formulated & clinically tested!non-irritating.Doesn’t sting.Safe for sensitive eyes.Less natural breakage than are a online store.The diffrent country people buy and use it,and could say it is a magic product.

Electric eyelashes, gripping eyelashes and mascara, these two are to help eyelashes become more fantastic "beauty surgery", after the hot eyelashes do not have to use eyelash curler, painted mascara can be directly, but after the comparison of the eyelashes Fragile, so be sure to use anti-sensitive makeup remover.

Artificial long eyelashes is a fast and convenient way to the United States eyelashes, because the use of artificial fibers stick to their own eyelashes, so try not to use mascara. Mascara ingredients may be associated with these fibers chemical reaction, and remover will lead to implanted false eyelashes off.

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