Please don't dig the child's ear wax

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This is a lot of people have the habit of cotton, and occasionally with children with double-headed cotton tag has been fun, ordinary cotton swab on the ear canal is too thick, need to be careful. Part of the earwax really will be out of the cotton swab, but there will be part of the cotton swab will go to the depths of the past, repeated so, will be born and ripened cerumen embolism. The following figure is Dr. Zhao handled a case, the figure is the side of the ear canal embolism, embolization of the surface can be seen by the cotton out of a pit, the figure is cleared after the cover of the tympanic membrane.

NO 3 ear feces block full of supposed to do? In front of long-winded for so long, that the decent's. Fresh cerumen dry, if not discharged in time, over time will accumulate in the ear canal to form lumps, blocking the ear canal, called the cerumen embolism, commonly known as ... (here save the local dialect). To the cerumen embolism so that the field, by the bath water is certainly not work. In adults or have a strong will of the quality of the child, the otologist can use a variety of caliber suction device, earwax hook, gun-like tweezers and other high-tech equipment, or folder, or hook, or suck all the cerone Baba Get out. The operation is really a little uncomfortable, but most of the tolerance in the adult range. And if the cerumen is too hard, forcibly treated, the pain does not say, but also easy to damage to the ear canal and even tympanic membrane, this time you need to soak a few days after the softening treatment.Extract ear wax in a new and innovative way with the smart swab ear cleaner Ear Wax Removal. Unlike cotton swabs, the soft, spiraled, and grooved head on the Smart Swab captures the wax with a small twist.You will be amazed at the end result,you will be amazed at the end result,want buy cheap smart swab,just remember select official website.

Simply say is: the child's ears you do not dig, you dig to dig also dig do not understand, I do not know why it can come out, I do not know what is wrong with what is wrong. Ears have problems, looking for ear doctors, do not dig yourself, you are not Sun Dasheng, easy to hurt.

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