The specific usage of the eyelash

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You can see the use of electric eyelash hair after the end of the eyelashes, curling effect is very natural, like sunflowers in general spread, and rooted.

The first step: in the hot eyelash, the first electric eyelash power. Where the power before the top of the eyelash is red, power up to 1-2 minutes after the top of the white can be used!buy careprost online Can Help You LENGTHENS, THICKENS & DARKENS Eyelashes & Eyebrow.Works on Both Eyelashes and Eyebrows.Thickens the appearance of, and improve the condition of your lashes and brows.By the way, you can select careprost for eyelash can help eyelashes growth long and rolling up.

The second step: brush eyelashes before you can first folder Alice eyelashes, according to their own preferences, the demand for brush mascara. If the eyelashes are more soft sister, you can brush mascara before the hot Oh ~

The third step: then the eyelashes lying on the curved brush head to stop for two seconds, and then brush the same as the eyelashes, brush eyelashes, do not have to brush Z-shaped.

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