What brand of good eyelashes: Panasonic hot eyelash device

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Eyecurl II hot eyelash
Reference Price: 49RMB
Cabbage price, cost-effective, very natural arc but really very Alice If you are hand rub the party by eyelash curler and mascara can not be changed, be sure to try this hot eyelash. But this hot eyelash has a drawback, that is, very power, and if you do not use the battery will not affect the life of their own.

Reference Price: 200RMB
Brush head can be rotated 360 degrees, all-round heating eyelashes, hot quickly. Coated with mascara and then hot so do not directly contact the eyelashes that no burden ah ~ the most important thing is to keep curling day! Brush has a sign, usually purple, push the switch on the heat, after the completion will become pink, Simple and easy to operate. The most fun is that there are buttons on the switch, press the brush will turn their own, really super convenient.

Hitachi eyelash curler
Reference Price: 255RMB
Japan is very popular in the electric eyelash curler, with LED lights, gently folder you can. Automatic adjustment of heat, strong warm-up function, the individual is very recommended one. Turn on the power, warm room will have a small light below. According to the middle part of the folder eyelashes. Only 10 seconds after the warm part began to heat, the temperature of the heater can also be increased to 70 ℃. Gently grip the eyelashes for about 5 seconds, you can perfectly change the angle of eyelashes, clip out the degree of curling you want.xlash usa make you have fresh and long, sweeping lashes in 4-6 weeks!Physician formulated & clinically tested!non-irritating.Doesn’t sting.Safe for sensitive eyes.Less natural breakage than are a online store.The diffrent country people buy and use it,and could say it is a magic product.

Reference Price: 299RMB
This hot eyelash is Wang Yingqiao teacher to help many Taiwanese artist make-up magic weapon, as long as the hot eyelashes can let the eyelashes more natural continuous curling, want to have foreign dolls curl eyelashes small people do not miss Oh. When the young master in the hot lips remember from the roots of the place to hold up and then bend, do not use the taxi way, because the hot eyelash is a hot thing, it needs to stay on the eyelashes, there is temperature to let the eyelashes Hot oh

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