Digging a spoon with a lot of material and kind

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Ear is ear dig ear, ancient to have it! Is the ear master using a variety of ear tools to stimulate the inside and outside the ear hole, people in the crisp itching and tension after the enjoyment and relaxation! It has the function of cleaning the ear hole, but also play a decompression and pleasure. There are three happy young people said: ear, pinch foot, a bath that.

Traditional ear mining, ear mining tools are many kinds, today we talk about one of them, is also the most common kind of --- dig ear spoon.You simply place it in your ear, twist and remove your ear's that easy.Typical cotton swabs can go too far and cause swab ear cleaner is the soft spiral grooved head that is designed to go the perfect distance into the ear...then with a simple twist latches onto the wax and safely extracts it without injuring your cheap smart swab from official store online.

This is the most common type, the long pole end connected to the spoon, spoon length 2-5 mm. General use of bamboo, stainless steel, plastic, horns, titanium, copper and so on.

Usually three discs, the use of the gap between the disc scraping ear feces, do not hurt the ears. By a number of small, curved half-spiral line. Use the helical spacing to scratch the earwax.

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