Glaucoma acute attack makes intraocular pressure suddenly increased

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So increased pressure within the eye. If the water collect in the drainage angle, time will continue to increase the pressure within the eye, acute glaucoma occurs.

Glaucoma acute attack makes intraocular pressure suddenly increased, makes corneal excessive stretch, followed corneal edema, so patients feel things fuzzy or vision obviously declined, dang high intraocular pressure continued not drop Shi, can effect optic nerve fiber of axis pulp flow, makes depending on nipple blood flow perfusion bad, caused optic nerve atrophy, occurred nasal side vision defect, serious Shi formed tube-like vision, not only vision obviously declined, and vision lost.карепрост eyelash growth?fluid is a new breakthrough in the cosmetics industry that can help you with eye-catching beautiful eyelashes within a few weeks.Your eyelashes will become very clear, thicker, To nourish, careprost make eyelashes naturally present, glimpse!

During acute glaucoma, angle acute congestion caused by IRIS. People like the iris of the eye and the size of the angle between the cornea is not functioning properly or is open, when the pupil expands too fast or too large, peripheral IRIS "stacked" cover on the discharge pipe, water from the channel is blocked, there will be pressure increases rapidly. Eye doctor can pass a simple routine check to find out whether the angle is very crowded.

The angle between the IRIS and the cornea is too narrow, Mydriasis with drugs or in a dark room for too long, can cause glaucoma. Acute glaucoma symptoms include severe headache, eye pain, nausea, vomiting, Rainbow (Rainbow around lights seen around), severe blurred vision ľ that requires immediate emergency medical treatment for acute ocular hypertension can lead to severe and rapid vision loss.

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