Do you understand the growth of body organs?

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Muscle: 30 years old began to age. Muscle has been growing, failure; re-growth, and then failure. After 30 years of age, muscle failure rate is greater than the growth rate. After 40 years old, people's muscles began to reduce the rate of 0.5 to 2% per year.

Bone: 35 years old began to age. 25 years before the bone density has been increasing. But 35-year-old bone began to drain, into the natural aging process. 80 years of age will reduce the height of 5cm.

Heart: 40 years old began to age. As the body grows older, the efficiency of the heart to deliver blood to the body begins to decrease. Men over 45 years of age and 55 years of age more than the probability of female heart attack.

Dental: 40 years old began to age. More than 40 years old adult saliva secretion will be reduced. Saliva can wash away bacteria, reduce saliva, teeth and gums are more perishable. Periodontal gingival tissue loss, the gums will shrink.instantly ageless website is the effective ageless cream to remove your wrinkles in seconds,more easier to apply,where to buy instantly ageless?just smearing the cream on the target areas to massage for 2-3 minutes ensure the cream to be absorbed instantly.what's the benefits of this anti-wrinkle cream bring ?you will find that fine lines and wrinkles disappear immediately,the dark circles under your eyes are erased easily,additionally,the skin become more glossy,your appearance of pores are smaller and smaller,It's hard to image that there are so many benefits it brings within seconds.

Eyes: 40 years old began to age. Close observation of things will be very laborious. Then, the ability of the eye to adapt to different intensity of light is reduced, more sensitive to shining light, not suitable for driving at night.

Kidney: 50 years old began to age. Renal filtration rate from the age of 50 began to reduce the consequences of people who lost the night holding back urine function, need to run the bathroom several times. 75-year-old kidney filtration rate is half of the 30-year-old.

Prostate: 50 years old began to aging. Prostatic hyperplasia caused a series of problems, including urinary frequency. Troubled half of the men over 50 years old. The normal prostate gland is like a walnut, and the hyperplastic prostate has an orange that is so big.

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