Vitamin e applied to the eyelashes

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(1) genetic factors.

(2) led to loss of eyelashes grafting, growing eyelashes easily.карепрост eyelash growth fluid activity, very strong, countless users are reflected, the effect is very obvious, most people around a week or so effective, the first month was known long, the second month began to dense, the third month and dense Long, like advertising.?Beauty is human nature, careprost can fill their own products for the United States, I believe you also want to have.

(3) the scarcity of inferior mascara led to loss of eyelashes.

(4) stayed up late leads the eye Eyelash problem.

Has yet to prove that vitamin e can promote the growth of eyelashes.Through the food whether it can achieve the purpose of Eyelash extension? Currently does not have sufficient research and data shows that what types of food intake can promote the growth of eyelashes. From the Chinese perspective, yishen fluid foods can promote hair growth, such as walnuts, sesame seeds, Yam, polygonum multiflorum, black fungus, Hoang Tanh. Although there is no data, but that more of these foods take also nourish the skin effect, so it'll be good to eat.

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