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Toys are characterized by a certain shape, color, sound, making toys, there are different soft and hard, light weight, smooth or rough and other characteristics, children in the use of toys to play the game, to promote their various senses to see, Listen, touch, grasp, fiddle with, develop their various senses, various movements. But also the development of their attention, memory, imagination and thinking, toys particularly in line with pre-school children's intuitive perception of action and specific image of the development needs of thinking, is to help children know the surrounding environment an excellent tool.

Such as young children's color vision through the toy can be a very good development, children perceive things when the differentiation ability is poor, in many things to recognize the need for the object is difficult 'toys can be all kinds of objects or objects to Different colors show, so that children are easy to identify because of color, while children in the braid recognition color, identify the different objects, so children's toys require bright and bright, can cause children happy mood, and thus actively identify the color and things The Children's color vision development is a process. Two or three-year-old children can distinguish between red and yellow three primary colors, three or four years old children in addition to these primaries, but also to identify the orange, purple and some mixed color, four years old, children can gradually distinguish some saturation of different colors , Such as red and light red, dark green and light green.Do you know about magic tracks tracking the characteristics ? SERPENTINE DESIGN: Allows Magic Tracks to bend, flex, and curve in any direction,GLOW IN THE DARK: The track’s neon colors shine super bright,LED LIGHTS: Race car’s 5 LED lights keep the track glowing as it keeps going,PIECES SNAP TOGETHER: Build a custom speedway in seconds.Welcome to order product from magic tracks store .

Toys in the shape and sound, etc. also have to promote children to actively develop awareness, causing a pleasant mood and other special features. Many toys, such as various cartoons, animations, dolls and animal toys, are often summarized, refined, exaggerated or exaggerated in the typical parts, making the features of some characteristic parts witty, funny, kind, humorous! To promote the development of children's positive good mood, rich children's appearance. The development of children's imagination and thinking, to stimulate children's active desire to carry out the game. Therefore, toys play a very important role in inspiring children's game interest. Games and toys are often linked to children's activities. To stimulate children to carry out game activities, in addition to enriching children's life knowledge, we must study toys The development.

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