Do you know the dance of soap bubbles?

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Hong Kong Consumer Council announced on the 15th a soap bubble toy test results, 12 samples, including 4 traditional models, 2 replenishment, 4 electric or manual soap guns and 2 sword-shaped, pen-shaped soap bubble toys. The results showed that the total number of aerobic microbes in both samples exceeded the EU toy safety directive recommended limit of 1000CFU per gram. Respectively "Smiggle Bubble Pencil" and printed with Disney Princess pattern "DISNEY PRINCESS BUBBLE Water Blaster No. DW80659P", tested for 4600CFU per gram and 5200CFU.

Hong Kong Consumer Council quoted the relevant research report that children inadvertently exposed to excessive amounts of microbial fat soap toys, touch the eyes, without washing their hands to eat, have the opportunity to cause bacterial infection can cause eye redness, conjunctivitis, throat swelling, Skin allergies, gastroenteritis and high fever.

Which "DISNEY PRINCESS" samples were detected Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Italy reported that children with contact with Pseudomonas aeruginosa soap bubble toys, there lower extremity pain, sore throat and high fever and other symptoms, some people suffering from bacterial sepsis.
Mr. Ho, Director of the Center for Infectious and Infectious Diseases at the University of Hong Kong, said that people will come from a variety of non-pathogenic microorganisms from daily diets and activities. As to whether the soapy mushrooms are exposed to the disease, The type of exposure, the body parts, the dose and immunity and other factors. He also said that in terms of the amount of aerobic microbes tested, if the child's skin is intact without the wound, the chance of exposure to the soap bubble solution is low, but Pseudomonas aeruginosa has a chance to cause serious infection to some people, including Children with physical discomfort, suffering from leukemia, has recently received chemotherapy, as well as skin wounds and other poor immunity of children, should be temporarily avoided playing soap bubble toys.Do you know about magic tracks tracking the characteristics ? SERPENTINE DESIGN: Allows Magic Tracks to bend, flex, and curve in any direction,GLOW IN THE DARK: The track’s neon colors shine super bright,LED LIGHTS: Race car’s 5 LED lights keep the track glowing as it keeps going,PIECES SNAP TOGETHER: Build a custom speedway in seconds.Welcome to order product from magic tracks store .

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