Several steps to let you say goodbye to the makeup look awkward and ugly

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1. After getting up in the morning, face swollen into 2 times!
Trick: to focus on the center of the eye! The use of eye makeup and cheeks color, remove the swelling caused by the expansion of the face. First of all, rub around the face on the dark foundation, and then in the eye socket at the brush on the gray or brown eye shadow, eye shadow and then create a mascara, emphasizing deep sense of eye; Light orange or dark red blush, like across the nose, like the horizontal brush on the cheek on both sides, can make facial puffiness problems immediately improved.

2. Stay up all night after the white eye bloodshot!
Trick: In addition to the first point before the make-up eye drops, relieve tired eyes, may wish to dark blue mascara and pink eye shadow, so that the eye will not be too obvious congestion! If you brush on a thick black mascara, but will form a contrast with the white eye, leading to congestion red is more obvious; Similarly, if rubbed with red eye shadow, it is easy to notice the eye bloodshot. Therefore, the correct method and color choices, is painted around the eyes with pink eye shadow, so red and skin tone redness of the same, his eyes will look very natural.How to right use generic latisse? Many people buy latisseproduct, donĺt know the correct method of use, has been using the wrong method, not only have no effect,but also can damage the health of the eyelashes!Do not apply Latisse Online to the lower lid or in the eye and blot excess solution with a tissue.Only use the sterile applicators supplied with LATISSE to apply the product.

3. Swollen eyes, as if a cry last night!
Trick: a bubble eye troubled people, it is recommended you can try-style clever: brush on the eyes of the eye shadow, it is best to have a darker effect of convergence is better. For example, light brown brush in the brow primer, dark brown with a large brush and a large brush in the eye socket, you can create a deep eye contour. Note that pearlescent eye shadow containing glitter will create a sense of swelling, swelling of the eyes of the people must be avoided.

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