Apply sunscreen on face

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In general, if it is used for full-face coverage, one need to use about 1ml (about 1 angle coin) amount of sunscreen products.

And smear the amount of sunscreen required for the body about 30ml, which is 120ml a bottle of sunscreen 1 /

Of course, the specific dosage depends on the sunscreen product viscosity and comfort to decide, but the use of sunscreen products must not be too thin.generic latisse has a lot in common with anti-baldness stalwarts Rogaine (minoxidil),Latisse Online is sold over-the-counter, and Propecia, a prescription pill, in that it acts on existing hair follicles beset by what doctors call miniaturization—but it cannot create new hair follicles.So at best, you’d be looking at some additional youthful color and thickness.

No matter how much SPF value, it takes 2 hours to apply a time? It is recommended that every 2 hours to apply a general rule only, not absolutely.

Sunscreen products need to fill the main reasons in addition to worry about sunscreen ingredients will fail, but also because of sunscreen after use because of many internal or external factors such as loss of sweat, clothing friction or swimming, swimming and other activities, Frequency depends on the situation and there is no absolute value. If the environment is hot and sweat more, but also in the outdoor activities of the situation, it may be less than 1 hour to make up a coating

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