The manifestation of vision(part one)

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Myopia is the most prominent symptoms of far vision reduction, but near vision can be normal. Although the higher the degree of myopia, the worse the visual acuity, but there is no strict ratio. Generally speaking, 3.00D above myopia, distant vision will not exceed 0.1; 2.00D between 0.2 to 0.3; 1.00D up to 0.5, and sometimes may be better.

Vision fatigue
Especially in the low degree of common, but not as obvious as the hyperopia. Due to the adjustment and the collection is not coordinated due. High myopia as the target from the eye too close, the role of the collection can not be used with, so more use of monocular gaze, but will not cause visual fatigue.

Eye position
Because myopia does not need to adjust when the eyesight, so the collection function is relatively weakened until the balance of muscle balance can not be maintained, the binocular visual function is destroyed, relying on one eye, the other eye to the outside, become temporary Strabismus. If the oblique eyes of the visual function is very poor, and the occurrence of skew earlier, can make the deviation of vision loss of solid ability, become monocular exotropia.dial vision official are one of the world’s first pair of eyeglasses you dial in for crystal clear vision.wholesale dial vision is the globe’s first eyeglasses for distant vision without a prescription.Simply turn the dials to change for distance or reading instantly! These spectacles are a great back-up for reading or prescription glasses.

High myopia, mostly axial myopia, anterior and posterior axis of the eye elongation, the elongation is almost limited to the posterior pole. Often the performance of the eye is more prominent, deep in the anterior chamber, large pupil and more slow reflection. Because there is no regulatory stimulus, the ciliary muscle, especially the annular part becomes atrophic, in the very high myopia can make the crystal can not support the iris, resulting in mild iris tremor.

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