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Power Studying

We all love studying donít we? Nothing better than good old studying. Thatís what youíre thinking right? Canít wait to hit the books each night after school? Yes? No? What do you mean am I crazy?

Well itís time to get excited about studying. Itís time took forward to studying. We want you to maximize every minute spent studying and as a result maximize every minute you donít have to study! Thatís right; we actually want you to study less. We want you to study less by learning how to power study Ė to study with powerful efficiency and effectiveness which cuts the amount of time spent studying in half. You have to study anyway nike air max 2017 black uk , so why not learn how to learn more in less time with twice the results? Sound good?

So letís take a look at the new habits you are going to introduce and start putting into practise straight away! Excited? You should be!

Successful students always engage in:

Never Over-Study

Ever think youíre studying but youíre just sitting there re-reading the same sentence about 1000 times? What did I just read? What did I just read? Youíre kind of Ďstudyingí, but youíre not getting anywhere with your work. Instead of this, take regular 15 minute breaks for every 30 minutes of work you do. So, for every hour you spend studying you get 30 minutes off! Why do this you may ask? Well, taking breaks will restore your energy and refresh your mind Ė plus it will give your mind some time to take in what you have been doing. So have a break and maybe have a kit kat (or do whatever kids do these days). Bonus tip: never study for more than 45 minutes at a time because your brain tends to turn to mush and switch off at around about the 45 minute point.

Plan Their Study

Top students donít just randomly sit down and complete work. They actually plan what they are going to do. They literally plan the time they will study and they set goals for what will be achieved. For example, your new habit could be saying ĎI will study from 6 pm to 7.15 pm with a 15 minute break at 6.30 pm. At the completion of this time I will have done all my fractions worksheets and my sociology homework. I will then go online and throw sheep at peopleí. Think weíre kidding? Weíre not. If you want to be successful, do as successful people do. Set a plan and set a goal and stick to it. If you donít achieve the goal, set a new one. By having set times for doing work each day it will create a routine and a routine is the first step towards developing a habit. We love affirmative habits cheap nike air max 2017 uk sale , affirmative habits are good. When you know that you have committed to work at a specific time each day you will be mentally prepared for it. You will know 6 pm is Ďgo time on studyí. You will know itís coming and be ready for it. Just like you know 7 pm is dinner time. Whatís for dinner mother dearest? The goal setting part of planning is also very important. If you sit down with little idea about what youíre trying to complete you will just aimlessly go along not knowing if youíve Ďdone enough work or notí. Set a target and direct your energy towards it. Accomplish what you set out to accomplish. Build the confidence. Donít just let the carrot dangle in front of you, bite the freaking thing (a carrot represents your ambitions and dreams in case you werenít aware and thought we actually wanted you to eat a carrot. You didnít think that did you?)

Front Up To The Toughest Work First

Many of us like to do the easy things first to build our confidence. Thatís fair enough. Gets the blood pumping when youíre ticking items off your to-do list. BANG! 1st item ticked off. BANG! Double tick that item Ė now Iím rolling. DOUBLE BANG! Triple tick that item Ė list completed and life is good. The only challenge with this approach is that you use up your prime energy at the start of any study session and so if you are tackling the easy parts with your prime energy your batteries will be low when it comes time to tackle the hard part. So what happens then? You get tired, impatient, flustered and just give up. We all do it. We really shouldnít though. So get in the habit of giving your prime energy to the hard tasks and completing the easy stuff last.

Get Off Social Networking Sites, Your Phone, The Latest Game You Like and Turn Off Your TV

We live in a mobile device online world. But, hey, just turn them off for an hour or so and we promise the world will still be there when you log back in to Facebook! Donít text your friends cheap nike air max 2017 uk , donít Ďlikeí stuff, donít make phone calls, donít send texts, just focus on what youíre doing! Even if you focus on work for 15 minutes followed by 5 mins of power texting to make up for the 15 minutes of texting you lost, itís better than 30 minutes of work whilst also texting at the same time. Itís a good idea to reward yourself for any study completed, but you really should do some work to earn that reward. You agree right?

P.S. Music can be great as a nice soothing background noise when studying Ė and even helpful for study in some instances, but techno music cranking so loud your walls shake isnít the best idea youíve ever had. There is simply no way you can focus when you do that.

Actually Ask For Help

If you donít know what on earth is happening in class or what on earth you are reading in your text book please ask someone for help Ė a teacher, parent nike air max 2017 uk sale , friend, sibling, tennis coach, someone elseís parents. Seriously, just ask for 锘? Golf is cons.

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