How to treat glaucoma

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Is now the only proven reduce intraocular pressure, can prevent and delay the glaucoma damage and optic nerve injury and effective method for isual field progression.The European society of glaucoma guide pointed out that reducing intraocular pressure is the only confirmed can effectively protect the method of visual function.

Glaucoma patients intraocular pressure fluctuation is three times as many normal people.94% of patients with glaucoma intraocular pressure fluctuates more than 5 MMHG, 48% of patients with glaucoma intraocular pressure fluctuation is more than 10 MMHG.Treatment and treatment of glaucoma, intraocular pressure fluctuations are better than normal people, more dissatisfied patients treated fluctuations.Please focus on intraocular pressure peak time.Daytime intraocular pressure fluctuations associated with glaucoma damage progress.careprost bimatoprost is an effective eyelash conditioner that is confirmed as the best product and has helped thousands of people regrow naturally longer eyelashes.?This product's main ingredient is bimatoprost eyelash,This product has another name "generic latisse'' as it has same ingredients as latisse but price is much cheaper.?And now you can easily enjoy careprost online without any prescription since it an over-the-counter product.

So far, the high intraocular pressure is still the only confirmed sex glaucoma optic nerve damage caused by risk factors, lowering intraocular pressure is almost the only treatment for primary open-angle glaucoma.But clinical observations, some glaucoma patients even dropped to normal intraocular pressure, vision damage is still in progress.Large diurnal intraocular pressure fluctuation is an important independent risk factor, is the leading cause of vision damage progress.

24-hour intraocular pressure fluctuation is a high-risk factor driing the progression of glaucoma, 24 small intraocular pressure monitoring is very important to evaluate and guide the treatment of glaucoma.

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